With winter comes flu season, and also the itch to get away somewhere warm. You can prepare yourself and hopefully avoid the flu bug this year, while also ensuring you get that vacation you so desperately want (and need). Keep these tips in mind so you can book your flights and hotels with confidence now, when travel costs are often at their lowest.

  • Start your travels off healthy– It seems obvious to say but if you start your travels off healthy and with a strong immune system your body will have an easier time fighting off cold and flu viruses you may come into contact with. As an extra safeguard having a travel insurance plan with Travel Guard (which offers trip cancellation/interruption coverage due to illness or injury*) can cover you in the event you get sick – even before your trip starts.
  • Eat Right– Vitamins help boost your immune system all year round. Eat the right foods and you’ll get those vitamins naturally. At a time when you’ll be exposed to more germs than usual, foods like vitamin C rich oranges can amp up your health and help you steer clear of getting sick.
  • Avoid touching your face– On any given day your hands will come into contact with thousands of germs. While you’re traveling, that number can skyrocket. Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose, and eyes to reduce the chances that those germs will get into your system and make you sick. (Make sure you carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in a size that’s less than 3oz so you can carry it on the plane.)
  • Wash your hands– Your mom has been telling you since you were young to wash your hands before dinner. Follow mom’s advice and wash your hands throughout your travels. Not only will it protect you from germs you’ve come into contact with but you’ll help your fellow travelers by stopping the spread of those germs.
  • Get a flu shot– The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states the best way to reduce the chances that you’ll get the flu is by getting an annual seasonal flu vaccine 1. Flu season starts as early as October and can run as late as May. You can talk to your doctor for more information on the flu vaccine.
  • Travel with travel insurance– No matter how many precautions you take sickness may end up finding your while you are traveling. That’s why having the extra security of a travel insurance plan through Travel Guard can help you to focus on what’s important – getting better.

Do what you can to safeguard your health up front, and with the right precautions and a little bit of luck, you’ll make it through the holiday travel season happy and healthy.

Source: Travel Guard